UPGRADING OF EASTERN CORRIDOR ROAD PROJECT[Lot 7: Nakpanduri-Bawku-Kulungugu (100.0km)]

The 100km Nakpanduri – Bawku – Kulunguguroad begins from Nakpanduri (the end of Lot 6) crossing the Pembi River through Bawku and ends at Kulungugu, the border with Burkina Faso.

It is a 2-Lane single carriageway and unpaved with deplorable states in most sections. The majority of the population in the influence areas are engaged in the production of stable crops such as maize, rice, yam, millet etc. and rearing of cattle.

The weighted Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) volume recorded in 2008 on the road is 350 vehicles per day (vpd), comprising 33% of vehicles in the medium group and 11% in the heavy group.