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Investment Opportunities

Due to the emerging nature of the industry, opportunities exist in virtually every area of the petroleum industry, both upstream and downstream.


Upstream Petroleum Sector:

• Geophysical (Site surveys, seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation)
• Basin modelling
• Geological Studies
• Biostratigraphy Sequence Stratigraphy
• Sedimentology
• Geochemistry
• Geochemical Studies
• Geographical Studies
• Equipment supply and/ or leasing (boats, barges, aircrafts, etc)
• Supply of casings for boreholes

Drilling Products and Services:

• Land Drilling Rigs, Swamp Drilling Rigs, Petroleum Engineering & Consultancy Services
• Offshore Drilling Rigs (jack-ups, semi- submersible rigs, submersible rigs etc)
• Offshore Rig Towing Services, Rig Move/Positioning Services
• Drilling Mud , Chemicals, Mud Logging & Mud Logging Services
• Drilling Site Preparation, Well Control & Blow-out Prevention
• Under-water Inspection, Sand Control, Fish & Fishing Tools
• Dry-dock facilities for offshore supply vessels, tugboats, & offshore rigs
• Measurement While Drilling (MWD) & Logging While Drilling (LWD) Services
• Casing & High Pressure Pumping ,Tubing Services ,Tools & Cased-Hole Electrical Logging
• Directional Drilling & Survey as well as Drilling &Workover
• Surface & Bottom Hole Sampling & Tubing Conveyed Perforation ( TCP)
• Fluid Filtration, Solid Control and Laboratory & Pilling Services as well as PVT Analysis
• Mechanical Wireline Services and Petrophysical& Reservoir Data Services
• Coil Tubing & Electrical Line and Production Logging
• Oil Field Waste Management, Jetty and Shore Support Services and RiglessWorkover Services
• Well Production Testing, Wellhead Maintenance & Well Completion Services
• Supply of drilling materials and equipment (drill bits, drill pipes, drill collars, cone bits etc)

Production Support Services:

• Wireline Services & Pipeline Laying/ Inspection
• Production Chemical Supplies & Management
• Engineering Design, Procurement/Construction of production facilities
• Corrosion Engineering & Environmental Engineering Services
• Blow Out Central Services & Flow Line Construction
• Oil Expand Terminal Design and Construction & Crude Oil Lifting
• Fire Fighting system Design and installation & 2/3 Phase Meter Supplies
• Supply & Maintenance of Safety Equipment
• Gas Valve Supplies & Installation

Reservoir Engineering:

• Consultancy Services
• Simulation
• Economic Analysis
• Complete Field Study

Down Stream Sector Business Opportunities (Marketing, Storage, Distribution, Transport, Refining):

• Technical Partnership
• Field Development Contractor Financing
• Gas utilization
• Refineries maintenance
• Pipeline/ Depots construction and maintenance
• Petroleum Products haulage
• Petroleum products marketing
• Petrochemicals
• Gas Development/conversion
• Butanisation project
• Fertilizer plants
• Vehicular fuels
• Methanol / MTBE plants

Gas Sector Opportunities

The government as at December 2008 had finalised plans for the establishment of an onshore natural gas processing plant to process the natural gas that will be produced from the jubilee oil and gas field.
The first phase will entail a 150million ft3 gas processing plant at Atuabo which is at least 50 km East of Effasu and 100km West of Takoradi. An 8km2 land area has been acquired to be developed into a petrochemical industrial park to house the gas processing plant and ancillary industries.

Opportunities available in this sector include:

• Production, transmission, distribution of Natural Gas –independent ownership
• Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) – these liquids have high market value and find application either in their raw state as solvents, feed stock (for production of various chemicals) and liquid fuel or fractionated into their components, viz.: LPG, Natural Gasoline etc
• Natural Gas-Fired Equipment
• Independent Power Plant (IPP)
• Industrial market, commercial market and residential market
• Domestic natural gas sales and distribution
• Compressed natural gas as, (NG) automotive fuel, Gas Liquids (NGL), Gas to Liquid Conversion (GTL), Methanol etc
• Ammonia/fertilizer plants

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