Project For Partnership-Software Development (Promotion of RedPay, a flagship mobile app)

RedReasons, in the bid to providing solutions to challenges prevailing in various sectors, has developed a mobile app that will remedy arguably the greatest challenge facing the Ghanaian entertainment industry and the African Film and Music scene at large, thus the monetization of the craft.

It is common knowledge that the major streams of income for most African artists have been monies generated from stage performances, cinema showings for movies and endorsement deals from corporate organizations.

Furthermore, with the emergence of new technologies, the orthodox methods used to promote and sell hard copies of books, music and movies are slowly dying out. Therefore, costs associated with the marketing, production and maintenance of brands created by artists are difficult to cover.

This phenomenon necessitated the creation of redPlay (by RedReasons LLC), a mobile app specially designed to enable entertainment content providers, precisely: Musicians, Authors, Filmmakers, Producers, Record Companies and TV Stations to distribute and sell their contents directly to their patrons. The app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows App Store and can be operated on any smart device.

Patrons of the redPlay Store can surf, purchase and download to an offline library; music, music videos, TV shows, albums, movies and books available on the redPlay Store.

RedPlay also comes with a unique in-built copyright protection feature which affords the content provider protection and exclusive control of their intellectual properties which otherwise would have been pirated and put onto the internet for free.

The product (RedPlay) has been developed to support artists in their endeavour to make profits from their work. In light of this, the company is engaging with content providers and tertiary students, who are the primary targets for RedReasons. With prospects of high profitability, the company seeks to raise approximately US$ 108,000.00 (through loans and/or equity investments) to advance the full rollout of its products and activities.

RedReasons is a creative mobile application software development company duly incorporated in Ghana. It is engaged in the design and development of financial, educational, medical, geographical, and recreational mobile application software. As a mobile apps designer and developer, the company is poised to make the most of every business opportunity that comes its way.

 Source : G.I.P.C. Research & Business Development 

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