Labour / Employment

The Labour Act 651 of 2003 regulates employment and labour issues in Ghana. This Act consolidates all laws relating to labour, employers, trade unions and industrial relations.

The Value of Labour

The Labour Act regulates the payment of wages and requires that wages be paid in legal tender to all classes of workers. Law requires the employer to make timely payment of remuneration to the workers. Monthly payment is made to the worker employed on monthly basis and weekly payment to those employed on weekly basis. Labour Act allows in-kind payment of wages as the term "full pay" means the worker’s normal remuneration, without overtime payment, including the cash equivalent of any remuneration in kind.  . 

The employer may not compel the worker to use its store and services. Employer may, after worker's consent, deduct certain amount from the wage due as union membership dues or contributions to any provident, pension, or other fund or scheme agreed to by the worker; or to cover the loss or damage caused by the worker; or in case excess amount is paid due to some error.

Rate of deduction should be set in a manner that it does not result in hardships for the worker and his/her dependents. Deduction may not be made by way of discount, interest or any similar charge on account of an advance of remuneration made to a worker in anticipation of the regular period of payment of remuneration or in any way not specified by the law.

The current minimum wage is at GHS 8.80 per day as at January, 2017.


Ghana Immigration Service

The Ghana Immigration Service has been established as the agency of the government of Ghana to advise on and to ensure the effective implementation of all laws and regulations pertaining to immigration and related issues. The Ghana Immigration Service is mandated to regulate and monitor the entry, residence, employment and exit of all foreigners. Movement of Ghanaians in and out of the country is equally monitored.

(i) Resident Permit/Person (ECOWAS)

 (US$ 150)

(ii) Resident Permit/Person – Others

(US$ 300)

(iii) Re-Entry Permits (Single/Multiple)


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Ghana Investment Promotion Centre

(i) Automatic Quota

GH¢ 3,150

(ii)  Substitution of Quota Letters (Automatic & Short-term Permit)

GH¢ 1,050

(iii) Replacement of Automatic Quota


(iv) Short term Quota: 1 year & below

GH¢ 10,500

(v) Short term Quota:2-3 years

GH¢ 14,700

 (vi)Short term Quota:4-5 years GH¢ 21,000


Ghana Free Zones Board

(i) Resident Permit/Person/Year - US$200.00