Firms Registered With The Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE)


Name City Practice Tel/Fax No.
Hertzian Technology Accra-North Electrical  
Star Int. Consultants Accra     
Jacobson & Associates Accra   223340
Conterra Limited Accra-North Geodetic/Environmental 235001/2
Osei-Kufour, Sohne & Partners Osu Urban Development 776822
Alpha Consult Accra-North Civil Works 225448
Cones Engineering Consultancy Accra-North Structure 228136
Strescon Engineering Consultants Osu Structues/Water Dev 777351/774517
Hag Consult Cantonments Civil / Structural Engineering 777178/779597
Ergs Engineering Osu Electrical/Mechanical 220491/221639
Seqson Engineering Tema Electrical/Mechanical  
Savant Engineering Osu Structures/Civil Works 773793/760740
Teasecon Engineering Consultants Accra-North Civil Works 228967/222833
Associated Consultants Accra Civil Works 666184
Zenith Engineering Mamprobi Electrical 225460
Tienelb Consult Cantonments Electrical  
Quans Consult Accra Assets Valuation/Dev  
C.A.R.D.S. Tema Rural Dev/Irrigation 400628 / 402322
Wiltex Limited  Sekondi Assets Valuation 0221-2183
Petrotech Tema Petroleum 0221-2083
Macdons Engineering Accra-North Civil Works 226910/663276
X-Cel Engineering Accra Civil/Structures 225007
Sam Botchway Consultancy Accra Electrical  
OPM Construction Works Ltd Accra Civil Works  
Intertech Services Limited Tema Energy,Engineering & Procurement 022-208414/5
Wilsey Engineering Ltd Takoradi Civil Works  
Royal Consultant Accra-North Civil/Structures 229857
ABP Consult Accra-North Civil Works 773078/773081/773093
Twum Boafo & Partners Accra Structures/Civil Works 783153
Yab Engineering Tema Civil Works 0221-4098
Dony Engineering Accra-North Structures/Civil Works  
Design Consultants Accra Structures 777664/776515
Ayeh & Ayeh Accra-North Engineering Design 226155
Vector Development Ltd Accra Building/Agricultural 228450
Techconsult Accra Electrical/Mechanical 226879
Sages Engineering Consultants Accra Electrical/Mechanical 773545
Anthony Quamie Kyiamah Tema Petroleum Processing 0221-2083
Jacob Wilson-Sey Takoradi Civil Works  
Sigma Engineering Consultants Accra-North Electrical/Mechanical  
Chartered Engineering Consultants Mamprobi Civil/Hydrotechnology  
Newtec Limited Accra-North Telecommunication 772233
Adnak Engineering Services Ltd Kumasi Civil Works 051-6550
Consulting Engineering Services Accra Civil Works 222573
Wacon Consulting Engineers Accra Civil/Structural 220155
Comptran Engineering Accra-North Civil/Structural/Geotech 223331
Electro-Mek System Tema Electrical/Mechanical 672775
Classic Engineering Consultant Teshie Engineering Design 228386
Desicon Engineering Co.Ltd Obuasi Civil Const.,Building & Mechanical 0277 885429/0244 325429
Civil Engineering Systems UST, Kumasi Civil/Structural Desgin 051-5282
Dekon Engineering Services Accra Energy Management  
Yorgen Engmann Engineering Serv Ltd Accra Civil Engineering & Engineering 222497
Krakue Mercer & Partners Sekondi Civil/Structural  
OBA Engineering Limited Tema Civil Works  
Cort Consultants (Gh) Ltd Accra-North Process Eng/Plant Maint Management 502126
Agric Engvironmental Consultant Serv. Accra Environmental/Agric Mechanisation  
Intertech Services Limited Accra Project Management & Procurement 669480/669451
Feedback Engineering Consultants Accra-North Consulting Mechanical & Electrical Engineers 232311/231960/231960
Phase 2 Consultants & Contracts Legon Electrical  
Thirdway Ghana Ltd Madina Civil/Mechanical  
K & H Consult Cantonments Civil / Structural Engineering 248695
Bethel Engineering Services KIA Elect, Mech & Telecom. Serv. 401221
Ela Engineering Consultancy Accra Structural, Civil Engineering & Proj Managmt  
Vic-Tan Engineering Consultancy Accra Civil Engineering  227542
Afrika Design Centre Kaneshie Consulting Engineering 402840/411788
Pee Grejof Consult Accra Civil Engineering  
Hitracs Consultancy KIA Civil/Structures-Highways 222602
Lamda Consult Osu Civil Engineering 316851
Rail Consult Accra Rail Engineering & Managmt Agencies 223571
Mayak Services Tema Newtown Industrial Process Engineering 0221-4845
Santa Eng Complex Ltd Tema Civil/Electrical 022-302959/ 022-304140
Project Design Services KIA Civil & Structural Engineering 222684
A.M. Ansah & Partners Accra-North Civil & Structural Engineering 775594
Perd Consult Osu-Accra Consulting Engineering Firm 228412
KAT Consulting Service Bolgatanga Civil Engineering & Building Consultants 72 - 22215 / 72 - 23706
PDS  Accra    
Approplan Consult Accra-North Civil/Structural/Geotech & Construction 220670/222874/239368
OB'MENS Limited Dansoman Installation, Maintenance of Plant & Machinery 226678
Samwinful Consultancy Takoradi Technical Education & Management  
Enviro-techno Consult Accra Water/Wastewater/Sanitation & Building Serv. 762538/ 762539
ABB Ghana Limited Accra Electrical/Industrial Engineering Services 231952/231954
Leo Consult Osu Electrical 776839/255725
Grid Consult Accra Civil/Structural Engineering Consultancy 242692 / 242693
Structural Tekniks Limited Kaneshie Civil/Structures Comm. Infrastructural Dev. 258280 / 7012096
Technocon Limited Accra-North Maintenance & Valuation of Plant & Mach. 233515 / 244626
Proconsult Limited Accra-North Survey & Design of Roads/Geotech & Topographic  222289
HAAL Consult Limited Airport-Accra Civil Eng, Design & Supervision of Civil Works 252481
OCHOR Sanitation & Env. Mgmt. Ltd. Accra Sanitation & Env. Management 673602
Transtech Consult Accra Civil / Structures & Architectural Consultancy  
Structeng Consultancy Accra Design Supervision of Civil & Structural Works 220424
DAYGAN Engineering Limited Airport-Accra Consulting Electrical Eng. & Electrical Contracting 301820
AD-Consult Dansoman Civil / Structural Engineering 304750
Desicon Engineering Co.Ltd Obuasi Mechancial, Building & Civil Construction Works 027 7885429/0244325429
Estpro Limited Accra-North Civil Eng./Water Supply/Estate Development  
Yesfirst Company Limited C8 Tema Civil Eng./Water Supply Operations & Maintenance 022-200203
Impact Technologies Limited Cantonments Electrical / Mechanical Consultants 021 508505 /514875
Powa Systerms Engineering Cantonments Electrical Design,Installation MTCE Pro, Management 505546/514114
Delin Consult Limited Accra Civil,Structurs,Tranpotation,Urban Dev.& Planning 682417/682418
CBC Consult Osu Civil/Structural Eng.,Earthquake Eng. Management Co 50778/224750
Conpro Limited Kumasi Civil/Buiding Services and QuantitySurveying  051-61861/ 05163901
Ensecon Limited Osu Civil/Engineering Design,Project Man,& Survey Ser, 021-222289
OWAconsult Accra Civil/Engineering Design,Project Man,& Survey Ser  
Oriental Consult Stadium Civil / Structural Engineering Consultancy  
EM Geotech Limited Cantonments Civil / Geotechnical Engineering Services 501231 / 0244377420
Steerling Engineers Achimota Civil/Geotechnical,Highway Eng,Structural & Water 275300 / 0244368495
Deoke Consult Limited Kaneshie Civil/Structural and Bridge Engineering 0277023810 / 0244167462
Technocon Limited Accra-North Mechanical, Valuation Engineering 021-233515
Mafec Electrical / Electronic Engineering   Electrical/Industrial Process Engineering& Maintenance  287364/0208116390
TAL Consult Limited Accra Civil/ Structures,Electrical & Cost Management 242383
MODAG & Associates Limited Kaneshie Civil / Design & Project Management 0244-704606
CSEMG Consult Accra Civil / Structures & Project Management 243225159
WASTECARE Limited Legon Civil/Water & Enviro,Sanitation & Design Const,. 786072
ED KEMEVOR ASSOCITES Achimota Water Resources and Civil Engineering Consultants 0208178042/ 0244 222596
O Berkoh Civstruct Eng. Accra Civil / Structural Engineering 0277-546048 / 020 8172299
Project Engineering Limited Accra Electrical / Mechanical  Engineering Consultants 226725
Bascirol Engineering Co Accra-North Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services 221602
Roots Consult Limited Accra Electical and Mechanical Engineering Consultancy 514377
K.D.S Engineering Ltd Tema Mechanical/Electrical Civil  022-303187
Rom Consult Ltd Accra-North Civil/Design,Contract Ducument & Bid Evaluation  
MACE Consult Accra-North Civil/Structural Eng. And Project Management 222697 / 232464
Unique Josap Engineering Accra-North Mechanical/Electrical Services Engineering 244682656
B.R.A.& Associates Ltd Sakumono Industrial Engineering,Safety, Heath Enviroment 022-413534/ 0208153728
Multigroup Consultants Accra-North Electrical / Mechanical Engineering   
ADK Consortium Ltd Cantonments Civil/Architectural & Quantity Surverying 229104/220639
Supportplus Odorkor Civil /Structural Engineering Consultancy 0244269789/0277345607
ERAPO Designs Limited Makola, Accra Structural Engineering 209708970
Mobekon Geo-Engineering Limited Tema Geophysical/Geotechnical & Water 264768645
I Engineering Ghana Limited Cantonments Telecommunication Infrastructure 242022222
3SIXTY International Taifa, Accra Civil/Structural Engineering Consultancy 244241295
INTERNETGHANA Company Ltd Accra ICT and Telecommunication 0302 - 251871-7
E.H. Group & Associates Sakumono Est, Tema Civil Engineering 0302-766895 / 766896



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