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 Working practices in Ghana

  • English is the official language in Ghana and all official documentation and business transactions are carried out in English. It is widely spoken in the cities. One may need a translator if interested in visiting the rural areas.
  • Whilst the dress code in a work environment is usually formal, one may choose semi-formal, traditional or smart casual depending on the particular engagement and the weather.
  • Ghanaians are noted to be the most hospitable on the continent. They will usually strike a hearty conversation immediately, with a warm handshake, signifying how pleased they are to meet you.
  • Punctuality is a very essential virtue for business in Ghana. Ghanaian business executives cherish their time. Do not be late to meetings.
  • Ghana can be described as a multi-faith society, although about 72.1% of the populace are affiliated to Christianity.
  • There is a large population of expatriates who live and work in the country, most of who have identified Ghana as a safe haven to conduct their various businesses.
  • Ghana observes the Greenwich Meridian time, together with London and Lisbon. There are two main seasons, the wet season and the dry season.
  • Business in Ghana thrives on transparency, honesty and sincerity. There is a transparent and functional legal framework to ensure the success of every investment.

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