Production and marketing of high quality vegetables and fruits

Afram Plains Farms project (APF) is a Ghana -and Swiss-based start-up venture whose corporate mission is the production and marketing of high quality vegetables and fruit.

The goal of APF is to use cutting edge production techniques to cultivate and market vegetables and fruit which meet the needs and expectations of consumers as well as those of Eurogap environmental and health standards. APF will market a portion of its production directly to the upper echelon of the local markets and target another proportion for the external market where the current demand is high. The rest will be sold through normal distribution channels.

The area slated for production is a 250-hectare excellent arable land located close to the banks of the Volta Lake, some 170 kilometres north of Accra (the capital city) and about 160 kilometres east of Kumasi (Ghana's second largest city).

The project will be developed in 3 phases over a period of 10 years, with the break-even point reached in year 4.

The APF project is the business concept of a team that comprises two Ghanaians, a Swiss and a German national. The project is advised by the Swiss-based consultancy company rainbow unlimited gmbh.