• Scancom Limited still maintained its top position by topping the ranking making it the number one company, for the last three years.
  • There was a change in the position of the top three companies with Unique Trust Financial Services taking an impressive 2nd position from the 13th position occupied last year. Guinness Ghana Breweries also made an impressive showing by taking the third position, thus moving Nestle Ghana Limited to the 4th position.
  • I2000 (NIIT Franchisee), a new entrant, made an impressive show by making it to the Top ten as the 8th company, with Kingdom Books and Stationary and ProCredit Saving and Loans Company Limited, both new entrants taking the 19th and 36th positions respectively.
  • Ghana Community Network Services also moved from the 18th position it occupied in last years ranking to the 5th position.
  • Prudential Bank Limited, the only bank in the Top Ten of last years rankings dropped to the 13th position from its 8th position last year. Atwima Kwanwoma was the only banking institution in the Top Ten, with the only financial (non-bank) institution in the Top Ten being Unique Trust Financial Services Limited. Sambus Company limited also moved from the 87th position in last years ranking to the 48th position.


The new entrants in this year's ranking were;


2005 GC 100 Special Awards

Our special awards of the 2005 GC 100 goes to the:

  1. THREE fastest GC 100 growing firms
  2. THREE most profitable GC 100 firms
  3. THREE highest employing GC 100 firms
  4. THREE most socially responsible GC 100 firms