Discretionary Awards

Award - Company

GC100 Best Listed Company - Standard Chartered Bank

The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) in selecting the winner of the discretionary award titled ‘Best Listed Business’ in the 2010 Ghana Club 100 awards dinner used the criteria of Shares Trading Ratio and regularity of annual and quarterly reports submission to rank the listed companies. The Shares Trading ratio is the ratio of the volume of shares traded to the total number of shares in issue. The second criterion was measured by the regularity with which companies met the GSE’s deadlines for filing of obligatory annual and quarterly audited accounts. Companies were ranked on a quarterly basis in the order in which quarterly reports were filed at the GSE. The first to submit their report for each quarter obtained a mark one (1) for that quarter. The company with the lowest cumulated score for the four quarters is the winner in this category. The winner in each category was awarded 50 points and all other companies were ranked using this winner as the benchmark. Each criterion carried a weight of 50 points to add up to a total of 100 points

GC100 Best Company in CSR - Gold Fields Ghana Limited

The practice of CSR is usually in 2 parts – intra company and community benefit aspects reflecting ethical and philanthropic aspects. The GIPC GC 100 evaluation is based on a Ghanaian Business Code evaluation tool adopted for GIPC GC 100 relevance. The intra company and community benefit initiatives are equally important to ensuring comprehensive CSR programmes in Ghana. To especially promote intra company CSR practice relating to human and labour rights as well as transparency and environmental development, the intra company CSR activities attract 80% of the score while the community benefit initiative attracts 20%. Adherence to each of the 40 prescriptions attracted a maximum of 2 points. However flexibility is exercised to allow for assessing relevance and depth of the programme. This depends on how far the evaluation team perceives the responses adequately addressing both the spirit and purpose of the prescription. Both scores are added up and ranked.

GC100 Highest Tax Payer - Gold Fields Ghana Limited

This Discretionary Award is granted to the company with the highest tax item on the Profit and Loss Account for the year 2010

GC100 Best Company in Media
- Graphic Communications Group Ltd

This Award is granted for the media company that gave immense contribution to the dissemination of information on Ghana’s investment drive in the media

GC100 Best Entrant Company
- GT Bank

This Award is granted for the best ranked entrant into the 2010 GC 100 rankings i.e. first time appearance in the GC 100 rankings.