Introduction - 2012 Edition

The 2012 GC 100 rankings is the thirteenth edition of the GC 100 magazine.The 2012 GC 100 rankings showed surprising and amazing results. Surprisingly, no bank appeared in the top ten. Also RLG Communication Company, which appeared second last year paced ahead to be the overall best this year. Due to competition, Produce Buying Company dipped and was not able to maintain the overall best position it enjoyed over the last two years. However, it remained the best for the Agric & Agribusiness Sector.


Key highlights of the 2012 GC 100 rankings:


  • Enterprise Life Assurance Company (ELAC) maintained the third position it enjoyed over the last two years.
  • McDan Shipping Company moved from the fifty-first position to the fifth position this year.
  • Goldfields Ghana Company Limited maintained itsposition as the largest company while Ghana Community Network Services (GCNet) maintained the position as part of the best three most profitable companies.
  • RLG Communications again enjoyed its position as part of the best three fastest growing companies while Kasapreko maintained its position as the best manufacturing company.
  • The top three profitable companies were not part of the top five ranked companies.
  • MultiPro Private Company, a new entrant, was among the overall best ten ranked companies.
  • First Capital Plus Company, also a new entrant, was among the top three companies based on growth, the top Non-Bank Financial Institution and then ranked as part of the overall best ten companies.
  • Financial Institutions featured sixty-three percent (63%) of the entire ranking.
  • There were ten (10) new entrants to 2012 GC100.

Leading companies on each ranking criteria




THREE Fastest Growing Companies

1st:McDan Shipping Company


2nd:RLG Communications Ltd


3rd:First Capital Plus Savings & Loans

THREE Most Profitable  Companies

1st:British American Tobacco Company


2nd:Ghana Community Network Services (GCNet)


3rd:G4S Security Services Ghana

THREE LargestCompanies

1st: Goldfields Ghana


2nd:Newmont Ghana Gold



GC 100 Best Entrant Company

MultiPro Private Company



Sector Ranking


Leading Company

Agric & Agribusiness

Produce Buying Company


Intercom Programming &Manufacturing Company (IPMC)

Commercial Bank

Ecobank Ghana

Rural Bank

Amenfiman Rural Bank

Non-Bank  Financial Institution

First Capital Plus Savings and Loans


Enterprise Life Assurance Company

Information & communication Technology

RLG Communications Company


Kasapreko Company

Petroleum & Mining Services



McDan Shipping Company


New Crystal Health Services